Analysis of multiple reasons for false open circuit in PCB flying probe test and solution strategy

With the rapid development of the PCB industry, the testing equipment is constantly updated in technology, and the market has higher and higher requirements

Ask about managing PCB innovation

Road, naturally. Road, path also. The road is simple, and the way of management is nothing more than seeking a more convenient path to success. For PCB companies, in today's economic globalization,

GALAXY Launches New RTX 2070/2080 Super EX Graphics Cards: Pink Color/Lighting

According to a report from TechPowerUp on April 28, GALAXY has launched a new RTX2070/2080SuperEX pink color matching graphics card, which uses a pink body and a white PCB board.

PCB industry desperately needs AI and machine learning

Nowadays, PCB has developed to a new stage, with the introduction of new technologies such as high-density interconnect (HDI) PCB, IC substrate (ICS), etc., making the entire production process from manual

Digital age: Apple will use ultra-thin rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) to make micro LED devices in the future

According to the latest report from Digital Age, Apple will use ultra-thin rigid PCBs provided by Jianding Technology in its upcoming Mini-led iPad and MacBook.

Gigabyte releases first batch of Z490 series motherboards to support 10th Gen Intel Desktop Core processors

The first products are Z490AORUSXTREME and Z490AORUSMASTER. These two motherboards have 16-phase and 14-phase power cables respectively, and each

Profit-taking, PCB group softens

PCB stocks, which have been attacking with diverse themes, encountered profit-taking and selling pressure today. Jialianyi and HannStar, whose stock prices hit a new high in early trading, turned from

Developing flexible electronics

Flexible electronic technology is an emerging science and technology. Due to its unique flexibility and ductility, flexible electronic technology has broad application prospects in many aspects.

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