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car board

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Summary:A national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of printed circuit boards. The company has become one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in China with its strong manufacturing capacity, modern management system and one-stop, multi-variety business characteristics.

Key words:Circuit boards, high-precision multilayer boards, metal substrates


Automotive panels are used in the audio and instrumentation systems of the car. Because it is related to the life safety of the passengers, it is necessary to pursue zero functional defects, and it is not allowed to make up the wire.


Main process features:

① Quality requirements "zero defect";

② It is not allowed to make up lines and line gaps;

③ Control according to the IPC three-level standard;

④ No board dander and other rubbish are allowed;

⑤ Keep records for more than 10 years;

⑥ Long-term use in harsh environments, such as high-speed operation, high and low temperature, humidity, strong vibration, wear resistance, etc.


Process features: automotive board

Technical indicators: automotive sheet, the minimum hole copper is 25um, and it is not allowed to make up external lines

Finished plate thickness: 1.6+/-0.1mm

Copper thickness: 70um

Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold Plate





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