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Double-sided multilayer circuit board

Category:Product Center
Summary:A national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of printed circuit boards. The company has become one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in China with its strong manufacturing capacity, modern management system and one-stop, multi-variety business characteristics.

Key words:Circuit boards, high-precision multilayer boards, metal substrates


Longteng circuit board is a professional manufacturer. We produce double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards including: metal-based printed circuit boards, hi-tg, hi-CTI printed circuit boards, high frequency boards. The surface treatment of the pad includes gold plating, gold plating, tin plating, OSP and other processes.


Our products include:

Double-sided multi-layer printed circuit board metal base printed circuit board, hi tg, hi-cti printed circuit board, high frequency board, we can purchase various special types of PCB and PCB special materials. The products involve high-tech industries such as telecommunications, electricity, computers, industrial control, digital products, scientific and educational equipment, medical equipment, and automobiles.


Process features:

Advanced technology

Application of high-tech industries

High-quality and efficient service specifications

meet various specifications


The product process includes:

There are lead tin, pure tin, chemical gold, chemical tin, chemical silver, nickel palladium gold, thick gold, OSP (anti-oxidation process).






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