Reserve cadres


Minimum education:

High School

Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:


Recruitment position:

Reserve cadres

Experience: College graduates and above

Professional requirements: science and engineering, electronics majors

Salary range: 5500-8000


Employee recruitment requirements

1. Physical health is required, no history of infectious diseases or mental illnesses

2. The workshop position needs to adapt to two shifts. The company's working hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, shift work once a month. The lunch time for the day shift and the afternoon meal time is 45 minutes, and the night shift meal time is 30 minutes.

3. Junior high school or above

4. Age requirements, meet the legal age of 16 years and above;

5. Original valid ID card, 4 1-inch registration photos, Agricultural Bank of China card, ICBC or ABC bank card in the recruitment area, any one.

6. Occupational health examinations (hepatitis A, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, blood lipids, blood pressure, heart, lungs, etc.)


Our compensation

Salary structure: basic salary + post allowance + overtime pay + performance award + full attendance award + seniority award + technical allowance

Basic salary: The basic salary above the local minimum wage standard is implemented.

Overtime pay: 1.5 times for working hours other than 8 hours from Monday to Friday. Full-time wages on Saturday and Sunday are calculated as 2 times overtime.

Statutory holidays overtime pay is calculated at 3 times.

Post allowance: 9-level system post allowance, first-level employees: 0 yuan, second-level employees: 300 yuan, starting with third-level employees, and gradually increased by 100 yuan,

New employees with a maximum value of 1,000 yuan can become a regular after one month of employment, and they can enjoy the post allowance for second-level employees after they become regular.

Performance Award: The department supervisor conducts a monthly assessment of the employees of the department, and the outstanding person can enjoy a monthly bonus of 200 yuan

Full attendance bonus: employees take four days off each month or less, the company rewards employees 100 yuan/month

Seniority Award: You can enjoy a subsidy of 50 yuan/month in the second month of entry, 100 yuan/month after one year, and every subsequent year, the seniority award

Add 50 yuan/month

Technical allowance: a special subsidy for technical positions and skilled employees, who can enjoy a monthly subsidy of 400 yuan

Salary increase opportunities: The company participates in promotion and salary increase opportunities for all employees twice a year in January and July to ensure continuous and stable growth of employees' income.

Promotion channel: employees (not less than 4,550 yuan/month) -- technicians (not less than 6,000 yuan/month) -- foreman (not less than 7,000 yuan/month)

-- Supervisor (not less than 9,000 yuan/month) The company provides a good promotion platform for all employees, and all middle and grass-roots management cadres are promoted internally.


Our benefits

1. The company provides meals and accommodation for free throughout the day, and provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner meals throughout the day. The night shift provides two free supper at 23:30 and 04:00.

A wide variety of breakfasts are served at the same time, with six dishes and one soup for the main meal, buffet mode, free choice by employees, and no repetition every day

2. The company provides free collective dormitory rooms limited to 4 people and couples rooms. The collective dormitory is equipped with air conditioners, water heaters, WIFI, and tables on and off the bed.

3. The company in Hubei area assists migrant workers to solve the problem of children going to the nearest school, so that you have no worries.

4. The company distributes birthday gifts to employees every month. There are a variety of gifts, and employees can choose their favorite gifts.

5. Distribute holiday gifts on traditional festivals, organize tourism, development, cultural and entertainment competitions and other activities every year,

6. Every year, organize the Spring Festival end tooth, theatrical evening party, outstanding commendation activities, and lottery activities to enrich the life of employees!

7. The company's employees enjoy the annual Spring Festival holiday with paid leave, year-end bonus and benefits

10. The company established a "Love Fund" to provide urgently needed help for all employees in emergencies

11. The company purchases social security (five insurances) and provident fund for each employee in accordance with the law to ensure that employees have no worries


Recruitment contact: Mr. Pan/Mr. He, Tel: 18928027426/19971118677

Hubei Company Address: Longteng Industry, Huayang Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Xiaochang County, Hubei Province (near Shunmin Village, Zhanqian 3rd Road)

Shenzhen company address: Building HA01, Yanchuan North Industrial Park, Yanluo Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Zhuhai Company Address: 100 Billion PCB Industrial Park, Fushan Industrial Park, Doumen District, Zhuhai City